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Jim Cunningham 65 Munsill Ave.  Bristol Vermont 05443

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Non serrated Knives:  $4.00 - Serrated: $5.00


Reshape  broken knife tip:  Starts at $2.50

    Let's face it, most of us expect a lot from our kitchen knives but we don't give them the respect they deserve!  They do all the work day after day-- chopping and cutting, slicing and dicing, peeling and prying (prying?)...and what do we do?  We drive them into rock hard cutting surfaces, pile them in drawers stuffed with peelers and tongs and last year's take-out menus; we throw them in dishwashers to clang around with forks and spatulas.  And still we expect them to remain sharp and effective even in these despicable conditions....well, you get the picture!


Having your kitchen knives professionally sharpened once or twice a year is a good way to keep them in good working condition for years to come.  Then take them home and give them the respect they deserve by cleaning and drying them by hand and storing them with their blades protected in their very own knife block or drawer or on a magnetic strip.

                        SOLAR POWERED KNIFE SHARPENING!


My knife sharpening booth is powered by a 12 volt battery connected to a 12 volt to 110 volt power inverter.  This year I have upgraded to a better knife sharpener, a bigger power inverter and a 50 watt solar panel that will keep my battery charged with plenty of power. 

You Can Find Me @

Are your knives dull?  Do you have friends and their knives are dull? Collect your knives and your friends and I will pick them up or come to your location to sharpen. There is a 60 knife minimum. Rates are $4.00 per knife and $5.00 for serrated blades. Call me for more information or to schedule a date.


As The Crow Flies at 58 North Main Street in St Albans. Second Saturday of every month.  May 9  June 13.  11:00 to 2:00


Healthy Living in South Burlington is the first and third Wednesday of every month. May 6 & 20  June 3 & 17. 11:00 to 2:00.


Chef Contos Kitchen and Store in Shelburne. Second Sunday of the month. May 10  June 14.  11:00 to 2:00.


Stowe Kitchen and Bath in Stowe on Mountain Road. April 25.  11:00 to 2:00.

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Sharpening Schedule for May & June


At these locations early knife drop off welcome and pick up at your convenience.  Or you can have them sharpened while you shop.